Giving Back

GIVING BACK – Striving to use the “Positive Power of being an Athlete”  to Inspire change

One of my goals as an athlete is to pay forward the positive change that being an athlete has made in my life.  I want to use any success/visibility I receive as an athlete to find ways to give back and create positive change in the world. 

To begin working toward this goal, I am now partnering with an amazing organization called PlayHard GiveBack and an equally amazing charity called Think Kindness

PlayHard GiveBack –




PHGB’s  mission is to inspire & promote hard charging athletes who are creating change in the sport they love and in the world they live in.  

Play Hard GiveBack sponsors and supports GAME CHANGERS – athletes who are not only committed to excellence in their sport, but also committed to excellence in their communities and being role models for the next generation of athletes.  This is my goal as an athlete. 

I will also be working with another charity organization called Think Kindness. 

Think Kindness –




Think Kindness is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization that aims to inspire thousands from coast to coast to change the world through seemingly simple random acts of kindness. They have created several elementary, middle, high school and corporate programs that challenge individuals to “Change The World. . .In 15 Days”. 

To date, the organization has challenged over 58,992 students, documented over 203,235 acts of kindness, collected over 130,000 shoes for Soles4Souls, and received the 2009 Thornton Peace Prize for the impact on the nation’s youth.

This year their sights are set even higher, inspiring more people, changing more lives, and creating bigger community acts of kindness. 

As an athlete, I will be partnering with Think Kindness this year to help drive their efforts to start a kindness movement across the nation.

Click Here to donate to Think Kindness and support their efforts.


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